The fireman who played rude words police

Where I live, people are not supposed to make a fire in their garden. This is a punishable offence. There is 450-euro fine for those who dare doing it. Or is there?

Today I was about to make a cup of tea, and as usual went to look at the gorgeous trees of my garden. Even though the weather is cold, dry, and very windy, it is Spring already.  I was anticipating the beautiful sight of my camellia, when I saw something odd. I stuck my face to the window – fire, I yelled.

I did the best I could in those circumstances, as told here.

I was upset, and angry. The fire was huge, burning the trees around. The trunks were starting to look like charcoal. The fire had not reached my garden. But it was out of control, in a tiny wood next to a residential area and a primary school.

I didn’t get to talk to the man who started it until the firemen arrived. I literally exploded in expletives. I yelled profanities, and none of them were not strong enough to express my anger at what happened. It is forbidden to start a fire. It is illicit. It is dangerous. I live just nearby. And nobody tells him anything?!

That fireman played rude words police instead of starting to extinguish  the fire.

I agree. Rude words don’t solve anything. And just like that, in a crazy reversal of situation the fireman in charge of handling the situation started protecting the arsonist. And then threatened me that he would write a report about me, that what I did was punishable, that he had my phone number (…) That fireman played rude words police instead of starting extinguishing  the fire, which he eventually did of course.

Tonight I won’t sleep, because that fireman threatened me.

Tonight I won’t sleep, because that fireman threatened me. Because for him, in case of a fire emergency, the protocol is to intimidate and threaten the one who warned of the fire, showed them its location, and yelled expletives at the arsonist.

Sorry, I am such a bad person. Next time there is an illicit action around my place, I will congratulate the offender and bring him tea.