Boss tells new female employee to settle at his place

I wonder to how many women this happened. My boss told me to settle at his bachelor pad.

A few years ago, I was looking for a job. It was rather complicated to find a suitable position. I used to work internationally, to go to Asia, organise events, and was writing a lot. Back in my rural underpopulated area, my talents seemed worthless.

I was so elated when I saw a very attractive offer on the job website I had subscribed to. I applied, HR reached out to me, I was given an appointment for an interview.

Before the interview, something slightly strange happen. I thought it was normal. The man who would become my boss called me and suggested that we meet at a hotel during one of his business trips. I had other commitments and had to decline. He then invited me to the restaurant, claiming that I would meet my future coworkers. The only person I met was a very jealous young woman, who claimed to be a communications manager but didn’t know how to insert a disk into a computer – one cannot invent that kind of detail.

I had no other lead. The same man called me again, saying that my recruitment had been postponed. I was about to sign for a flat in that town. It really started to feel dodgy.

A few weeks later he called back. Saying that I had to sit an interview. I drove for an hour and a half. Showed my then portfolio of graphic designs, articles, and events I had organised. I got the job. The big boss then said to me: you must be so happy to start working with little boss. He is so charming, he added.

I was feeling uncomfortable. That kind of remark, and that smirk were strange signals. But money is money, I needed a job. This seemed like a good one despite the initial delay. I was wrong. It wasn’t.

I started my first week. I had no place. That is when my boss said to me that the company could pay 2 nights of hotel, but that he would prefer if I were to go settle at his place. He then added, think about it, but think fast.

He basically wanted to put me into his bachelor pad.

He basically wanted to put me into his bachelor pad. While his wife was staying with their kids.

Hello, and hell no.

I had to pay more hotel nights, I managed to get a flat, and I didn’t settle at his place. In retaliation my salary was not what had been agreed on, at all. The job tasks changed. What I should have been doing was given to someone else, who accompanied little boss on all his business trips. I finished the important tasks of my contract, then I left.

Years later, I still think I made the right choice.