Physiotherapist gets libidinous with pre-teen

When I was a child, I had to carry a huge and very heavy schoolbag. I was very careful not to forget anything for fear of being punished. I would check my bag many times at night. Punishments at home were harsh, and completely disproportionate. My parents had not read Beccaria. School wasn’t better. The… Continue reading Physiotherapist gets libidinous with pre-teen

Ten-year old school girl becomes anorexic

Young women become anorexic for many reasons. Here is how it started for me. I hope that this story will help parents, doctors, educators, and most of all young anorexic people. In retrospect, I think my body reacted to the situation I was in: when some feel emotions in their head or their heart, I feel injustice… Continue reading Ten-year old school girl becomes anorexic